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Welcome to the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rocks! podcast, a podcast dedicated to Gracie Jiu Jitsu and all things Gracie, including self defense, competition, anti bullying, women's self defense and empowerment, nutrition, and most especially the people involved in GJJ..This podcast is for the average Joe; it's for anyone who practices, trains, teaches, or just loves to talk about or hear about Gracie Jiu Jitsu. We'll explore the lives of Gracie JJ practitioners, how they got involved with the art, and what effect it's had on their lives.

2018 Recap: This episode features clips from Bas Rutten, Flavio Almeiad, Saulo Rebeiro, Make Biddwell, and Alvaro Romano.

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“The Turtle Master” Eduardo Telles discusses how he started Jiu Jitsu, competing at the highest levels, what it takes to be a world class competitor, changing your training as you get older, working with kids, IBJJf and other organizations/competitions such as EBI,how boogie boarding helped his jiu Jitsu, his love for surfing, major influencers on his life and Jiu Jitsu, his family, and more!

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Professor Mike Diaz, Pedro Sauer Black Belt and owner of Park City Jiu Jitsu, discusses his martial arts journey, lessons he learned on the way to black belt, his relationship with Master Sauer, training in a high altitude environment, Ginastica Natural, his music, the biggest influences on his life, etc

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Saulo Ribeiro, 5th degree black belt, 6  time world champion in 5 different weight classes, IBJJF Hall of Fame member, founder of the University of Jiu Jitsu and author of Jiu Jitsu University. In the interview he discussed training Rafael Lavato Jr and his relationship with him, his early days of training, growing up with Xande as his brother and the special bond they have, what it takes to be successful at the highest levels (both in the competition arena and in running a successful academy and association, his service mentality/philosophy, how his training has changed and what it takes to last through the years in Jiu Jitsu, carrying your emotions in your body during Jiu Jitsu, money and fame vs being true to oneself, his book- Jiu Jitsu University , why mobility is king, the major influences on his life, the difference between a winner and a champion, and more.......

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 Ralston Gracie, Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, son of Grand Master Carley Gracie, and grandson of the late great Grand Master Carlos Gracie, discusses growing up with GM Carley as his father and lessons he learned from him, having Clark Gracie as his brother, the impact and legacy of GM Carlos, holistic health, why food is so important to health, and much more.... 

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Professor Flavio Almeida, Executive director of Gracie Barra North America, 4th degree Black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr, and Co owner and head instructor of multiple Gracie Barra academies in AZ and CA. He recently won the Worlds Masters 2 division at the IFBJJ Masters World championships, making him a 3xs masters world champion.

In this interview he talks about his recent victory at the masters worlds, what it takes to be compete and succeed at the highest levels, changing your training as you get older, growing up with his brother-BJJ black belt and UFC fighter Ricardo Almeida, his relationship with Master Carlos Gracie Jr and the impact he’s had on his life, the secret to his success in business as a school owner, his BJJ sweeps DVD, the biggest influences on his life, and more….

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Dr. Peter Goldman, better known as “Dr.; Pete,”  Chiropractic physician and founder of Zone school of healing. He’s a BJJ Black Belt under Carlos Sapão and black belt in Oyama full contact Karate. He is  the personal chiropractor to many of the world's top professional athletes, from UFC fighters, to NFL and NHL players, pro cyclists, and Olympians.

In this interview he talks about his journey in full contact Karate and BJJ, Mas Oyama’s karate fighters vs Thai Boxers, training to ensure you don’t build a false sense of confidence, what Chiropractic is and how his work differs from mainstream chiropractic, working with the BJJ and MMA elite, including BJJ Penn, Bas Rutten, Rickson and Kron Gracie, how motivation, enthusiasm, and faith are important to health, biggest influences on his life, and much more...


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Sifu Alan Baker, owner of Atlanta Martial Arts Center, is a Pedro Sauer black belt, and one of the most involved and respected Martial Arts Instructors worldwide. He is an internationally recognized martial arts & self-defense expert and is the founder of the Civilian Tactical Training Association.  In this interview he discusses his recent Civilian Tactical instructor training, his martial arts journey (including training with and his relationship with masters such as Pedro Sauer, Erik Paulson, Dan Inosanto, among others) and a word play game related to them, his executive protection work, running Erik Paulson’s CSW association and Francis Fong’s instructor association, advice for school owners, who’s had the biggest impact on his life on and off the mats, and more...


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Regis Libre, 4th degree black belt under Master Royler Gracie, and Head instructor of Gracie Humaita San Diego, talks about his recent surgery, the recent world championships and what stands out about it, his competitive career and what makes someone successful in competition, his time at Maxercise (relationship with Steve and DC Maxwell,  and Zac Maxwell), his transition to San Diego, the importance of self defense, Jiu Jitsu for everyone, learning from Master Royler and GM Helio, how he got his black belt in under 5 years, being a single father, what he’s most proud of, and more...

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EP 94 Phil Cardella, 3rd degree Relson Gracie black belt discusses developing Relson Gracie JJ in Texas, relocating to and starting his academy in FL, his time off the mat, creating the right atmosphere for training, puppies instead of diapers, training with his brothers, his JJ competition and MMA career, the need to learn Jiu Jitsu theory, facing adversity, what he’s most proud of, and more….

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Mike Bidwell, creator of BJJ After 40 and Flo Life BJJ + academy. Mike is a bJJ black belt under Nick Gregoriades and the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood. In the interview he talks about sneaking out as a kid to do martial arts, his History through the martial arts, being a Ninja, finding application for JJ through other arts, being accepting of the various reasons people train, his new academy and the holistic approach behind it, the fact that Jiu Jitsu is for everyone, being a brown belt for 13 years, the impact that his wife Sheena has had on his life, living his authentic self, how he comes up with the innovative moves he features in his videos, meditation and movement, the JJ Sisterhood, the upcoming Paradise Vacation camp, and more

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Dave Kovar is a very accomplished martial artist and martial arts business coach. He’s the founder of Kovar Systems and Kovar’s Satori Academies,  and is one of the rare individuals who’ve achieved a black belt in 10 martial arts, including BJJ. In this interview he discusses running a martial arts business, his journey through the arts, the early days of jiu Jitsu, Kovar systems, the Satori Alliance, his new podcast, savoring the moments of your life,  the importance of habits, his hobbies off the mat, having a plan and starting your day on purpose, the value of sticking with one art and the value with training multi arts, being a father, sparring 50 rounds on his 50th birthday, etc...

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Alvaro Romano, founder and developer of the Ginastica Natural method. Professor Romano discussed the origin of Ginastica Natural, how it has developed and evolved over the years, the impact of the Gracies (especially Rolls Gracie) has had on his life, his friendships with Fabio Santos and Pedro Sauer, staying functional as you age, importance of breathing, etc.

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Brian Beauchamp is a Judo and BJJ black belt, 9X world Masters BJJ champion, MMA referee and judge. He is one of the most successful Masters/Seniors competitors of all time, particularly in the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) circuit. In this interview he discusses his competitive career, his martial arts journey, his recent fundraising event for a fellow fallen firefighter, being a firefighter himself, being robbed at gunpoint tin Medellin, Colombia, training in Brazil, working as MMA judge and referee in the UFC and other organizations, who’s had the biggest impact on his life, and more….

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Bas “El Guapo” Rutten, is a legend in the martial arts and fighting world.  He won numerous championships and world titles including King of Pancrase (multiple times) and UFC champion, and was inducted into the UFC hall of fame in 2015. Since retiring from fighting he has become a high successful fight commentator, TV host (including the very popular show Inside MMA which he co hosted with Kenny Rice), film and TV actor, including movies such as Here comes the Boom, ZooKeeper, and Mall cop with Kevin James. In this interview he discusses how he got his nickname; his struggles as a child and using humor to cope; dealing with bullies; his old videos-Street Self Defense and time spent as a bouncer; his fighting career, including the Pancrase days UFC days (and liver shots); the open mind set for growth; being a commentator on Inside MMA and Pride FC;  breathing and his O2 Trainer, who’s had the biggest impact on is life and more…..

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Carlos Henrique "Caique" Elias is a 7th degree red-and-black belt master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ) and owner and head instructor of Caique Jiu Jiu academy and CJJNetwork.  He is one of only a handful of non family members  awarded the black belt from GM Helio Gracie, and In March 2009, he was awarded a 7th degree red-and-black belt by Master Rickson Gracie.

In the interview he discussed his start in martial arts, his long and close relationship with GM Helio, what it was like coming to the US back in the 90’s, the value of competing, the current state of belts/promotions, what he does when he’s not on the mat, etc.

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