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Welcome to the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Rocks! podcast, a podcast dedicated to Gracie Jiu Jitsu and all things Gracie, including self defense, competition, anti bullying, women's self defense and empowerment, nutrition, and most especially the people involved in GJJ..This podcast is for the average Joe; it's for anyone who practices, trains, teaches, or just loves to talk about or hear about Gracie Jiu Jitsu. We'll explore the lives of Gracie JJ practitioners, how they got involved with the art, and what effect it's had on their lives.

Tom Tom Callos is a veteran martial arts teacher, martial arts activist, and martial arts business coach who has helped countless people grow successful businesses, and even more important, become better, more fulfilled people. Tom is a high level  black belt in TKD under Ernie Reyes jr and a Brown belt in BJJ under Elliot Kelly and Gustavo Enriquez. He was BJ Penn’s first BJJ coach and is the father of Keenan Cornelius (and , world champion BJJ competitor. Tom recently won gold in his division at the BJJ worlds. In this interview he discusses everything from corresponding with Rosa Parks, his sons Keenan and Shannon, training BJ Penn, attracting more students and teaching what’s really important (not just techniques), what  “The Ultimate Black Belt Test”  is, and how it’s  like Joseph Campbell's “The Hero’s Journey;” the Alabama House Building Project, his portrait  artwork, promoting your school/academy through community impact; and how he believes success is measured by how you’ve affected your family, your friends, your students, and your community….if not the world..

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